Orthodontic Services

Achieving Straighter Teeth and a Proper Bite

Dentist Millbrae

Orthodontic treatment is used to treat all types of patients, from adults to young teens. It is used to realign the teeth into a more natural position. It is also used to straighten teeth and correct any imbalance in the bite.

Early Orthodontic Intervention


Our office offers “clear braces” in the form of Invisalign at our office. With the latest technology, these clear aligners address a variety of dental and jaw issues to fix your oral health and improve your smile.

They’re also removable for eating and routine oral care. Many patients have improved their smiles and teeth effortlessly with Invisalign.

  • Aesthetic. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are completely transparent, and it is unlikely others will notice them in your mouth.
  • Comfortable and Convenient. They are removable for eating and routine dental care. You are also able to eat whatever your heart desires.
  • Predictable Results. The latest advancements allow us to simulate the outcome of your treatment.

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